We regularly carry out decommissioning and shredding of documents for the client without and with the "A" value sign after the expiry of the storage period, including representation at the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic. During the year, we also shred documents that are not subject to the approval of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic..

We provide our clients with a complete service of professional services in the area of registry administration, including in the area of decommissioning and shredding of company documents (eg accounting, technical, legal, business, personnel documents).


We provide:

  • expert evaluation of records with an "A" value sign that have expired (intended for destruction)
  • elaboration of decommissioning proposals together with annexes
  • representation at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic
  • expert evaluation of records without the "A" value sign, which have expired storage periods (intended for destruction)
  • removal of records in secured shredding containers and their destruction so that the information contained in the destroyed documents does not leak
  • document shredding
  • assistance in the preparation of documents with the value "A" for their submission to the state archives


Safe shredding

We carry out shredding in accordance with the conditions of DIN 66399 with security levels 3 and 4. Shredded material with this level of classification cannot be assembled into a legible form by conventional means.


Our services also include the disposal of CDs, DVDs and magnetic tapes.


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